A friendship that kills

Poor little George was a quiet lad

With one friend he was often sad

Now poor George is a lonely lad 

He cut out that friend’s eyes when he got mad.
       When I was little my best friend was a kid named Jamal who lived down the street. He disappeared when we were twelve. Even though his family spent months searching everywhere for him, they never thought to check under the floorboards in my room.

        I didn’t want to hurt Jamal. But I had to. He had something bad inside him. My friend wasn’t my friend. It just wore his body around like when I pretended to be Iron Man gfor Halloween. Except Iron Man didn’t hurt anybody. Iron Man wasa man inside a machine. It was a shadow inside of Jamal.

          The shadow hurt people, except Jamal got blamed for it. Like old Mrs. Dillinger’s cat that ‘disappeared’. It was the same cat Jamal’s mother found in pieces in a box under his bed. Or like when Tina, Jamal’s little sister, ‘fell’ down the stairs. She yelled his name as she tumbled and there he stood just as triumphant at the top of the stairs; still smiling. But it was when Jamal stabbed his dad that I knew I had to help. His dad told everyone what happened.

          Jamal looked so scared when the police were questioning him. He wasn’t completely shadow yet. He still had some good in him that would take over sometimes. But It was stronger. They were going to lock him away with the crazies come the next day. So after the cops left I snuck over to Jamal’s house. I was afraid, but it had to be done.
            By the time Jamal came outside, my stomach had done all the flips it could and had settled. We walked to my house. I knew my mom was asleep and my dad was still at work. I took Jamal to my dad’s workshop behind our house. I went in first and stepped quickly into the darkness. I knew he wouldn’t be able to see. I knew this workshop better than my dad did. As soon as Jamal stepped into the pitch black of the shed, I slammed the door behind him.

               Yeah he cried and begged me to stop. I kept swinging the crowbar until the last little movements.

             We were twelve when Jamal disappeared. His family spent months looking everywhere for him, thinking he had run away to escape the crazies. But they never thought to check under the floorboards in my room.


Thanks for reading guys. Its rough as usual. I used 2 short story starters 

Reflection (used idea from wattpad) 

I just saw my reflection blink…..

It didn’t think I noticed. I turned my head for just a second, but not my attention. The movement was slight, but not as slight as it thought. It’s been slipping up lately. More movements have been noticeable.

If I can just play fool a little longer…I think as I smile into the mirror. The reflection smiled back.

It doesn’t even suspect a thing… I decided smugly. 

As I began to turnto walk away,it’s smile vanished coldly. I flick the switch off and turn away as if I didn’t notice. Back towards the mirror, I can feel it’s glare piercing me like knives. 

It knows…. The thought paralized me with fear. A startling realization hit.

I’m out of time….


Sorry it’s been so long! Thanks for reading! More stories to come ☺


Im losing it. Everything is getting fuzzy. Im going down. I cant breathe. My heart is pounding so loud its making everything she was explaining backgound fuzz. I guess its give it a try now or call an ambulance later. What were those stupid steps?

1.sight- what do I see? a metal table. its so  shiny. oh look, its scratched. the light reflecting on it just seems too bright. its too harsh. all of it is just too harsh.. The fuzzy shadow is coming back… shit focus. what do you see. i see you laying there. on top of the flawed shiny table. under all these harsh lights. focus. look at those beautiful eyes. focus girl. the eyes.  theyre wrong. theyre sad. they arent brown anymore, just red. Thats what she was talking about before, remember? whats next?

2.sounds-  what am i hearing? nothing. focus. its coming back faintly- mam? do you need water? Go…..begins to fade out…. focus girl…… comes back… water please? i hear your cries. your moans. i can hear you. i can hear you.

3.smell- what do i smell- i smell nothing. focus. hospital…medical smell. what is that smell? i smell urine. i know you couldnt help it. its ok. its ok.

4. taste- i taste the vomit im choking back. its sour. its hot. i cant hold it back any more. i need to run.

outside the air isnt as thick but i still cant breathe. i still see the shine. the lights. i cant think. thick streams of tears race down  my face. Id been speaking and rocking without realizing it. what was i  saying? I tried. i tried so hard. over and over is all that was tumbling half incoherntly and involuntarily from my clumsy mouth. she came back out. her face looked sympathetic. her voice cracked. i wasnt listening to the words.its how her voice sounded. that hoplessness… she embraced me. and walked with me back inside.

I see you. and finally touch- i take you off that cruel looking table. i touch you. you feel soft. as always, yet there was a hardness now present to you.i dont know what i said but i can tell im falling apart again. i feel my boyfriends arms. his hands. his touch. i cant. Its time.

I walked out feeling like my heart was dragging behind me. you deserved better. youll always have deserved better. Ill never foreget this. never. a week later youre still all i see.laying on top of that cold hard shiny metal table. under those harsh lights. and i start shaking all over again. k.delaine.

Selfish Delight pt4–sorry so late–super rough, please excuse.

Wendy stood over Brian like she’d already won. Perhaps she was too arrogant, maybe she was simply enjoying herself more than she should’ve. Which ever the case, she’d lost track of time.

“You’re so pathetic. You run away from everything. Especially Heather. When she needs  you, you run and submerge yourself in your career. You should’ve spent more time making your wife happy,” she snarled. “Y-y-yyou- Y-y-oou’re right,” Bsrian sputtered through swollen and bloody lips. “I-i-i-i should have ap-p-p-preciated her more….”

“But, I really should thank you,” Wendy interrupted as if speaking a thought aloud from her own thoughts, “I mean it was you who kept the spark burning bwtween me and Heater for years. Your fuck ups brought us closer, ” she jeered. “And thats why I wont kill you,” Wendy said feeling the power swell within her as if she’d done an honerable thing.

“T-t-h-h-hank y-y-you,” replied a man more than greatful to be alive.

“Don’t thank me yet, I’m not finished,” she said as she beat him with the butt of her gun a few more times. His nose was broken and poured blood like a fountian. “You are going to go far away. Don’t tell her where, and never speak to her or so much as utter her name again. ”

“But I love her,” managed Brian, “What if I refuse?”

“Then I’ll kill you. Now,”  was the matter of fact’ retort that flowed from Wendys lips in a sing song voice.

“I’ll go,” replied a hopeless Brian.

“Good boy, now go pack Wendy said as she untied him. She glanced at her watch. Heather would be back soon, Wendy had to go.” .she was confident that Brian understood this was no game. Love never is. She did smash the window and turn a few things over to stage a break in before she clad herself in her disguise.

Wendy managed to to make it out of the house like a ghost. She sat outside across the street and down a ways. She needed to watch. Luckily, there was only a short wait before Brian exited the house unseen as well. Wendy waited 15 minutes before she pulled off to ensure the coward wouldn’t pull back on his word. Twenty-two minutes later, Heather’s car pulled smoothly into the driveway…..

to be continued………